About Receivable Solutions

Receivable Solutions Specialist, Inc. (RSSI) is a privately owned corporation based in Natchez, Mississippi.  We provide accounts receivable services to the business industry that range from pre-collection services to bad debt recovery.  A representation of our client base derives from Judicial, Commercial & Consumer, Retail, Banking, and Health Care. 

We pride ourselves on our differentiating characteristic in this marketplace which is providing customization and client partnership in our approach to managing accounts receivables.  If our clients have a specific need, we provide staff to assist in that need.  Or, if our clients need only bad debt services, we provide a cost-effective solution to fit their needs.

Our clients view RSSI as partners in managing their receivables, and we consistently exceed their expectations and provide value by making recommendations on their process improvement on a proactive basis.

RSSI’s Receivables Management Division offers client programs that are flexible by design, offering proven solutions for problems encountered along the reimbursement cycle.  We can provide assistance with a single or multiple tasks or provide complete management services tailored to your specific needs.

No matter which services turn out to be best for business, you can rely on our resources, knowledge and systems to speed and simplify the process of converting receivables to cash.