Your Solution for the resolution of unpaid Healthcare, Financial and Retail claims
whenever, wherever and however they challenge your Revenue Cycle

Specializing in
Occupational Healthcare billing and recovery
Workers’ Compensation denials and interventions
Urgent Care patient receivables Consumer

For regional and national
Healthcare providers and medical professionals
Bankers and retail lenders

RSSI’s specialty is the recovery of assets.  We’re here to protect and enhance yours.  Safeguard your receivables, reputation and relationships with patients, customers and clients–while improving your cash flow, profitability, revenue and financial growth potential.

Extraordinary performance is our first priority.  We deliver outstanding liquidity, reliably and compliantly, through outreach strategies that emphasize quality customer service during every engagement with those who owe you money.

RSSI treats the problem as an opportunity; the patient or delinquent customer as potential advocate and works diligently with them to create a professional alliance.  We invest the time and expertise to create a billing, claims appeal or recovery solution for your practice or business that resolves the debt and analyzes the cause and effect pattern that drives it.

We are revenue cycle management experts, adept at recovery in diverse healthcare, banking and retail markets.  RSSI provides technology, consulting, onsite staffing and outsourcing services to improve the financial success of your enterprise.


Mission Statement

To provide total accounts receivable solutions designed to increase the profitability and enhance the administrative efficiency of businesses nationwide.